Membership, Fees and Schedule

Sensei Vitold performing disarming knife technique - Tanto-dori Kote-gaeshi, 2009

Program run at:  "Yeshua-Do Dojo" located  
Whistle Bend, Whitehorse

"Little Ninjas" Program for Kids (age 2-5) Tue & Thu - 5:30-6:10pm  (twice per week)

"Little Samurai" Program for Kids (age 7-10) Tue & Thu - 6:15-7:00pm  (twice per week)

and Youth & Adults 7:10-8:00pm Aiki-tai-jutsu/Yeshua-Do/Embu-kai (practical self-defense)


on Friday Additional classes (posted in September/October)

"Samurai School" Embu-kai - FRIDAY 5-8pm reserved for special groups (once per week)

 Adults/youth- 5-6pm Aiki-tai-jutsu (practical self-defense)

6-7pm Shimmyo-ken Ryu Iai-jutsu and Jo-do (staff fighting)

on Saturday: 4m-7pm (Yeshua-Do program for Christian communities in the Yukon)

1 month YAMA Membership

$ 125 CAD

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YAMA Camps Cancellation Policy.pdf YAMA Camps Cancellation Policy.pdf
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6 months YAMA Membership

$ 600 CAD




Whitehorse, Yukon, active since 2010

In order to run effectively our Programs the Yukon Academy of Martial Arts has the Fees Rules which must be respected by all members. Those Rules are meant to help us all and are not to be a burden:

1.      Fees must be paid at the beginning of every month. We can give short grace period but no longer till the 10th of each month and then we expect a student to fulfill his/her obligation towards Academy otherwise we’ll have to deny access to training till a fee is paid.

2.      Parents should be especially cautious and take care of your children fee on time. We do not want to embarrass and deny your child entrance to Dojo because of your neglecting.

3.      If you apply for sponsorship at Yukon Sport you can receive from us supporting letter but it’s your responsibility to fulfill all necessary documents and bring a check from them as soon as your procedure is completed. So, we will not wait unending time believing you’ve done your job. Please talk to Yukon Sport manager and they will help you to fulfill your responsibility towards the Academy.

For each student the fee are as follow:                  

1.     1 drop in class - $25

2.     1 Month - $125

3.     6 months fee - $600 (when full amount paid within 3 weeks)

All payments (cheques or cash) go to the Yukon Academy of Martial Arts (Society)!

ANTI-BULLYING Peaceful-Warrior School Program, Verbal Martial-art and Practical Self-defense Courses

$250/30min-1hour (in Whitehorse)

More than 1hr - negotiable 


5 sessions $1,150

10 sessions $2,250

(if outside of community the traveling fee will be applied)

Private lessons available:

1. $125/hour  (1-2 persons max.)

2. $250/per hour (up to 12 persons)

(if outside of community the traveling fee will be applied)

New students are welcome anytime. Come and try out our class for free!


YAMA - Selling RULES

          Our students can buy martial arts Gi-uniform, hakama, bokken, shinai, jo, iaito, katana, etc. both brand new    equipment or already used. All sales are final - no returns!

          We can order any equipment for depositing 50% of its value. If the equipment isn't claimed for 3 months since its arrival it became the property of YAMA and no refund is possible!

          We also lend uniforms and equipment during camps or regular practice at the Dojo - $20 per week of use. The equipment must be returned in perfect condition!

"The Way Of The Warrior Is To Stop Trouble Before It Starts" 


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