Peaceful-warrior "Little Ninja"  Day-camp for kids 
This Summer 2020 Sensei's is planning 2 Camps
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Age 6 - 16 years old 

Program run at:  "Yeshua-Do Peaceful-warrior Dojo" 


"When you empower your children with assertiveness/confidence, they no longer face certain people and certain situations with fear!" 

In order to secure the place (we offer only 14 places per camp)
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If you need more assistance please contact me directly:     Sensei: Ph: 1-(780)-245-0997

 Registration Form, Waiver, Cancellation Policy

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We reserve the right to cancel a session date if participation numbers are not adequate. You may select an alternative session date, or you may request a full refund of tuition paid. Cancellations of sessions will occur a minimum of three weeks prior to the camp.

There is also option to pay on-line, but please remember to deliver filled Registration Form and signed Waiver no later than on the first day of the camp.

 A new equipment for Kendo practice !

Kendo training during Ninja-Kids Day-camps, always fun!

 Real Samurai/Ninja weaponry display - chivalry and respect !

Morals, values, ethic, and non-violent philosophy are important part of young warriors education.

"Philosophy is most important in learning Bu-jutsu (martial arts). Just teaching technique is not enough. If someone is only teaching technique he is not a warrior...

We learn about courtesy, respect, responsibility, and caring. Just a few of the many lessons that help develop kids into socially well adjusted and thoughtful, friendly individuals. Curriculum for young students also includes the mental side of self defense; Learning "Verbal-Martial-Art" and Anti-bulling: 

to Avoid conflict, Redirect anger, and Manage hostility - (A.R.M.). 

Knowing how to defend yourself physically does not preclude trying to avoid having to. The best form of self-defense is one you don't have to apply physically. Kids need to be smart about the situations they put themselves into. Awareness, threat avoidance, and the confidence to say 'NO' when the time comes are key. Children are also educated on the fact that violence is never the answer to difficult social situations. They are taught physical defensive skills, as the primary martial arts portion of Yeshua-Do education, but they also need to understand HOW to attack, so that they can understand how to defend against it. So children do learn some striking, blocking and kicking techniques, so that they can help teach their fellow students to defend against such threats. We are very serious however about teaching the kids that they must never use their martial arts skills, for any reason, outside of the dojo training classes. Social and emotional development is paramount to develop happy and healthy children so we really focus there, then self-esteem and self-discipline become second nature.

Anyone can learn technique and how to fight and defend themselves. But not everyone can be a warrior. That takes an understanding of the whole history and science in warriorship. You have seen the whole forest; the technique is only one tree. To be a true warrior you must see the whole thing."

"The Ten Virtues for a Ninja"
1. Loyalty
2. Bravery
3. Strategic
4. Diligence
5. Trustworthiness
6. Good Health
7. Responsibility
8. Ingenuity
9. Knowledge of the Teachings
10. Gifted Speech

"Some facets of the moral code are: 1. Loyalty, bravery and trustworthiness. 2. He must be fair minded; exposed to the different ways of thinking and the customs of different types of people 3. He must also be a man of virtue and commitment, willing to defend justice without selflessness and without fear of death. 4. He must not engage in petty arguments or have double standards."

"Being called a ninja is a great honour, like being called a great samurai. One who seeks peace and enlightenment, not violence." 

"I always believe in fighting; the question is – do you fight to change things, or do you fight to punish.... An eye for eye will make the whole world blind." - Gandhi



 Learning the peaceful-warrior way must be great adventure !

 Practising Japanese calligraphy!



 Highlights from YAMA kids camps

Reflection on "Peaceful-Warrior Day-camps" for children and youth with Sensei Vitold Jordan,

Yukon, Summer 2011-12

Watch on YouTube:

"The Way Of The Warrior Is To Stop Conflict Before It Starts" 


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