Ninja Spring Day-Camp for Kids

April 11-13, 2023

Hanna, Alberta

Three days Camp
From Tuesday to Thursday  from 9-1pm (4hrs per day)
age from 5-17yrs old

only 16 places available

Price for the course, $150/per person

To book your group or register your child please contact directly

Sensei Vitold Jordan


to register and secure a place for your child please send $150 e-transfer to:
or pay w/ PayPal
Camp is run at "Yeshuado Central Dojo" - 502 Centre St. (Old Courthouse) Hanna, Alberta

Ninja Camp 1 person

$ 150 CAD

Program including:
Anti-bullying lessons
Practical self-defense techniques - Aikido
Samurai sword training - Kendo
Learning basic Japanese and Calligraphy - Shodo
Real Samurai and Ninja weapons and armour display
Drawing manga and sumi-e

Dressing/wearing Japanese kimono and armour

and much more fun...

Yeshua-Do Martial Arts Seminars


"The Way Of The Warrior Is To Stop Trouble Before It Starts" 


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